Carrie Schreiner among the top 15 at the end of the season event

At perfect weather conditions on Friday and Saturday the final ADAC Formula 4 event of the year took place on the Formula 1 racetrack in Hockenheim. The various spectators at the circuit and live on the German TV channel Sport 1 watched very exciting races - but also very chaotic ones shaped by a lot of accidents - of the currently strongest junior races series in Formula sports.

Carrie Schreiner presented an improved performance in qualifying, but unluckily at the end of the session, where she did the fastest lap times, she stuck in heavy traffic. Thus she reached place 14 in her group. “If there had been less traffic on the track, a much better result would have been possible,“ said the race girl a bit disappointed.

In race 1 she drove quite well after a turbulent initial phase. Then, however, in the fifth round she was hit by an opponent at the right rear wheel and only shortly afterwards she had to give up due to a defect wishbone.

The second race of the 35 starters wasn’t less exciting. This time the young pilot of the ADAC Stiftung Sport could manage the first rounds which are always very difficult and then started to catch up again. Carrie nearly won all duels and had already reached position 13 in the last round. Unfortunately, a severe accident happened afterwards – thankfully got hurt - and the race had been stopped immediately. According to the regulations the race was assessed corresponding to the standings of the second last round. This meant position 15 for the fast race girl from the Saarland.

On Sunday the weather changed from summer to autumn and it rained the whole day long. Shortly before race number 3 it stopped however and there were critical mixed weather conditions. The consequences were continuous accidents and slip ups so that they were only able to drive three or four rounds at race speed. The other rounds took place behind the safety car observing the restriction on passing.

“In the first round I had to get out of the way of an accident and thus drove through the mud. Then I found myself abruptly on the second last position. Later on the driver in front of me missed the restart and I lost positions again. Afterwards there just wasn’t any time left to reach a good result.

Unfortunately, we had to change the clutch after the qualifying to be on the safe side and this one had a completely different pressure point where I had to get used to. Thus I didn’t have any good start in all the races, although starts normally are my strong points. Besides all problems, in the second race it was visible that I meanwhile have been able to keep pace in the middle field of this strong series. The top ten weren’t that far away and thus these are definitely my aim next year”! said the pilot of the HTP Junior Team Ungar confidently.

First of all, there will be a recreation of several weeks for Carrie Schreiner. In November, however, the preparation for the new season will start again.