British Formula 4: TOP 10 for Carrie Schreiner

Once again a very varied weekend for the 17-year old race girl from the Saarland/Germany at her 3rd guest start in the motherland of motorsports in England. The event took place on the motor speedway in Rockingham with its gigantic terraces.
Carrie only had one test day there before and that one was already some time ago. Therefore, in the two free practice sessions on Friday she first tried to reduce her training deficit compared to the regular drivers there. 
On Saturday there was a weather change, just before the qualifying it started to rain and the qualifying session seemed like a lottery. There only was a time window of two rounds where the track was nearly dry. Carrie drove in sector 1 and 2 her absolute personal best time, then in sector 3 it started to rain again and the lap was „down the drain“. Therefore, she had to be satisfied with position 17.
In the afternoon in race two there was continuous rainfall that increased more and more. This meant most difficult conditions, above all because the asphalt in Rockingham doesn't have a lot of grip.
But the German racing amazon made a very good job and was even able to drive similar lap times than the top drivers. Carrie could achieve position 9 and finally could keep the top 10 result until she reached the finish line. 
On Sunday morning the weather was nice and dry again and she started from this position in the second race. After a good start being on position 8, her car was hit at the left rear wheel from the driver behind her and she was pushed into the grass. „I wasn't that angry after the race. Although I could continue, my engine lost its performance more and more and then even went into the emergency program so that I had to park my car. This means there had been a breakdown anyway,“ said Carrie after she had returned into the box of her Double R Racing Team.
During the break before the 3rd lap the Ford technicians had found the failure relatively quickly and the race girl from the Saarland could start again, however, this time from nearly the very end. In an uneventful race without any breakdowns and collisions Carrie won some positions, but more than position 15 was not possible.
Thus Carrie summarized as follows: „There were ups and downs: My performance in the heavy rain wasn't that bad. In the second race another top 10 position would have been possible without problems. In lap 3 I wasn't possible to do any better among those circumstances.“
In two weeks already Carrie Schreiner will have her 4th and last guest race in England. This one takes place in the „British home of motorsports“, the traditional formula 1 race track in Silverstone.