DMV GTC in Hockenheim: Carrie Schreiner’s spectacular GT3 debut

Lamborghini "Junior Driver" Carrie Schreiner did her first GT3 race – the king class in the international GT sportscars sport – in the expanding GT- and touring car series DMV GTC in a car of the sister brand Audi with a R8 LMS. With the GT Masters team Aust Motorsport and the former German Formula 3 Champion Markus Pommer as teammate and driver coach, the 19-year-old girl from the Saarland/Germany started in Hockenheim. The field of more than 30 race cars there were about 20 GT3 cars with more than 550 hp with a mixture of professionals, young pilots and very experienced amateurs.
On Friday during the 3 qualifyings it was continuously raining very heavily and therefore it wasn’t easy for Carrie to get used to her new race car with much more aerodynamic downforce.
In quali 1 she was already very satisfied with P6, in quali 2 she reached position 3 and proved that she meanwhile is even very fast in the rain, too. In quali 3 for the 60-minute DUNLOP 60 race, her teammate Markus Pommer put the Audi R8 LMS on the 2nd start position.
At the race on Saturday there were completely dry weather conditions. 
In the first sprint race Carrie was on a promising 5th position, but then there were engine cutouts and she even had to stop in order to reset the engine. Afterwards a good result wasn’t possible any more of course. However, she still did the third fastest lap of the race.
In race 2 the race amazon could even improve her speed again and clearly reached the podium with position 3. With a time of 1.37 in her fastest round she set another exclamation mark. 
At the final DUNLOP 60 heat her teammate Markus Pommer did the start turn. In the middle of the race he gave the car over to his young teammate being on P2 narrowly before Martin Konrad’s Lamborghini. Due to a not quite perfect pit stop Carrie was back on the circuit being 11 seconds behind the leading Audi.
Afterwards the black R8 LMS from Aust Motorsport was the fastest car on the track and the race girl approached the race leader very quickly.
After a short safety car phase because of an accident, they field was again very close together. After the restart then nobody could stop Carrie anymore. After one lap only, Carrie took the lead, was clearly ahead and easily won the race. Position 1 and 2 for Audi, the Ferrari of the Rinaldi Racing team won the 3rd overall victory.
"I really enjoyed the whole weekend. The first overall victory in my still short career in a GT sports car! It was obvious that I’ve learnt a lot in this year. At my first GT3 debut I was already competitive and at the end of the day I had only lost a few tenth to the best professionals! Many thanks to Frank Aust and his team for their professional work and to Markus Pommer for his great support. For 2018 we have already got a lot of good offers. I am very keen to know how we’ll continue in next year", said a happy Carrie Schreiner at the DMV award ceremony in the evening.