Lamborghini Super Trofeo: Carrie Schreiner missed a deserved victory at the World Final in Imola

The just 19-year old girl from Germany drove her obviously best races in her motorsports career so far at the „Lamborghini World Finals“ near the factory halls of the Italian sports car manufacturer on the former Formula 1 track in Imola.
The best drivers of the Super Trofeo series Europe, Asia and America were in the PRO and AM classes at the start. Carrie took part as single starter without team partner as the youngest participant and the only female pilot in the field of the 30 race cars with 620 hp in the AM category.
This time the PRO class did two separate races. Although there was snow and rain at the days before, the race weekend was sunny and dry.
With position 8 in the two qualifyings the race amazon was quite satisfied, not only because she knew that she normally was able to do better in the races. 
In heat 1 she had a good start as usual and was able to win two positions. During the race she worked hard to get further to the top, was already on position 4 after her obligatory pit stop and at this time she was clearly the fastest in the whole field. After another overtaking manoeuvre and the dropping out of the car which was on the second place at that time, she was chasing the car at the top, put him immediately under pressure so that he had to drive battle line. Then however, the driver on position three hit her at the side in the chicane after start and finish. So the dream of victory was lost!
After this disappointment Carrie did even better in the second heat on Sunday. At the beginning when she was stuck in traffic being on P5, her FFF racing team took her out for the obligatory pit stop so that she might have free driving afterwards. It worked as planned and Carrie did on record lap after the other, was about half a second per lap faster than her competitors and thus was leading the race. When she was already about 4 seconds ahead, disillusion came up. She slightly hadn’t kept the minimum time in the pit stop and thus her was given a pit stop drive through penalty, which meant about 20 seconds. Once more winning the world final was not possible!
So after the weekend Carrie Schreiner was torn back and forth: “Of course, I’m disappointed that it didn’t work with the title. I would have been able to win the first race, but I would have to win the second one! I definitely was the fastest on the track, what also proofs my fastest lap in the two heats. On the other side, during my complete career in motorsports, I have never got that much compliments and recognition like I got at that weekend. Everybody could see what I have learnt in this year and how fast I can be. Especially as a young girl it isn’t easy to get this respect even from professionals in this men’s world! I’ve found my home in the GT sports now. In December I am also having some important test days and I am very excited how I will continue in next year.“