DMV GTC and DUNLOP 60 in Hockenheim: An almost perfect weekend for Carrie Schreiner

With 2 pole positions and 2 race wins the 19-year old girl from the Saarland/Germany, Carrie Schreiner, was the most dominating driver at the first race weekend 2018, the very tough DMV GTC and DUNLOP 60 series in Hockenheim.
Carrie started for the HCB Rutronik Racing Team with a Audi R8 LMS GT3 in the absolutely full king class GT3 together with 19 of the 34 race cars.
On Friday there was heavy rain and the fast race amazon managed the free practice and the 1st qualifying of the DMV GTC with best times each.
Only in the qualifying session of the DUNLOP 60 she was a few tenths of a second behind the two experienced professional drivers Uwe Alzen and Jaap van Lagen. With her team mate Fabian Plentz she won more than clearly the 60 minutes race afterwards.
On Saturday the weather god was being nice and it was bright sunshine. In the 2nd qualifying of the DMG GTC there was the same picture: Carrie Schreiner with a relatively big advantage on the pole position again.
Although she won the start in race 1, she had two persistent followers and there was a fight between the three race cars. However, it was now obvious that Carrie missed some experience, as in the tight overtaking traffic it was more difficult for her to pass the slower cars than it was for her two competitors. “When lapping another car had blocked me and an experienced professional like Kenneth Heyer, of course, immediately takes advantage of that. Thus, I had to give up the lead. But that belongs to my process of learning, too”, says the young female pilot after the race.
In race 2 the lapping was considerably better and Carrie drove a clear victory back home. “Overall, it was a very successful weekend with two victories and a third place. My HCB-Rutronik Racing team did a very good job. Above all my strong performance in the rain hadn’t surely been expected by all of them. Some of them had already rubbed their eyes! In two weeks’ time in Dijon the series will be continued and there I would like to confirm my performance”, said the fast lady very satisfied in the evening.