Pole position, victory and early Championship in the GT3 class for Carrie Schreiner

On the former Formula 1 circuit in the Belgium town Zolder, the 7th and second to last event of the DMV GTC / DUNLOP 60 Series took place.
On Friday afternoon at very pleasant late summer weather the one-hour DUNLOP 60 race took place. Carrie Schreiner started again together with Kevin Arnold, who is of the same age, for the HCB Rutronic team in a Audi R8 LMS in the GT3 class.
After a highly competitive and exiting race the two youngsters achieved the second place behind the AMG Mercedes of the HTP team with the GT Masters winner Indy Dontije and the US American Russel Ward at the wheel.
Early in the morning in the second qualifying for the DMV GTC race, the 19-year old girl from the Saarland caused a sensation. With a mythical time of 1.28.8 she did the fastest lap of the whole weekend. Some teams and drivers rubbed their eyes in unbelieve and asked themselves why Carrie was that fast. Her team boss Fabian Plentz gave the answer: ”A perfect air temperature early in the morning, a perfectly prepared Audi R8 LMS GT3 of our team, an absolute perfect lap of our pilot who currently seems to be the fastest young woman who drives in a car with roof!”
In heat 1 of the 30-minute sprint race, however, first there was a setback. At the start she was a bit caught on the inner track and thus Kenneth Heyer was able to overtake on the outer track. Afterwards during several laps Carrie “blunt her teeth” behind the AMG Mercedes of the experienced professional driver, as in Zolder it’s obviously difficult to overtake. To make matters worse another driver hit her in the rear of the car when he did a chaotic overtaking manoeuvre. Afterwards the wheel alignment was completely wrong, and the car was very difficult to drive. Thus, the fast race amazon had to accept P4 in the end.
In the second race, however, everything run well. This time Carrie won the start and immediately managed to put some distance between her and the field. “Approximately in the middle of the race my data engineer informed me that I had a 8 seconds lead before the car in second position. Afterwards I reduced the pace and only tried to keep my lead. Especially when overtaking I didn’t risk anything. After my good start I had already known that I could clearly win the race. Today I could show what I have learnt in this year. Now it’s my second title in 2018! The GT3 is the king’s class of the series with the by far most starters. Thanks to my HCB Rutronik team for the perfect car”, said a very satisfactory Carrie in the evening.
Form 14th – 16th September the Lamborghini junior pilot continues with her Huracane ST of the team Konrad Mortorsport in the Super Trofeo Europe on the Nürburgring.