Porsche Sports Cup: Pole position, victory and 2nd place for Carrie Schreiner

In preparation for the last ADAC GT Masters race on the extremely challenging Sachsenring near Chemnitz/Germany at the end of September, the 20-year old woman from the Saarland started for the second time in the Porsche Super Sports Cup, the king’s class of the series. Last year already, on the Red-Bull-Ring/Austria she was able to win a race there as the first woman ever and thus she belonged to the top favourites this year again.
In a Porsche 991 GT3 R of Herberth-Motorsport Carrie could then already gain P1 in the official free practice and afterwards in the qualifying she convincingly got the pole position. “Considering the 40 cars on the racetrack, it was just impossible to get a free lap, otherwise I definitely would have reached it faster, although it was enough in the end”, said the pilot satisfied.
In race 1 Carrie won the start, but then was a bit unconcentrated at the end of the first lap and the Championship leader could overhaul. Afterwards there were two longer safety-car phases due to several accidents and the time got short to get to the top again. Although Carrie had heavily attacked several times, her opponent defended his position hard and clever so that she had to accept position 2 in the end.
“The GT3 Cup Porsche is a bit faster on the straight so it wasn’t without risk to overtake. Now I reached the pole position with three different cars in a row, was clearly the fastest car in the field, but always reached only position 2 in the end. Tomorrow I am going to change that!” said Carrie Schreiner firmly determined on Saturday evening.
The words were followed by actions. Although she lost the start in the race on Saturday, she was leading at the end of the 4th lap and was clearly at the top. Even two short safety-car phases with restarts afterwards mastered the fast race amazon clearly and finally brought the victory home.
I had the best car in the field, in which I felt more and more comfortable every lap. In the second race I even could have driven a bit faster, if it had been necessary. Many thanks to Alfred Renauer and his crew of Herberth-Motorsport for the friendly welcome and the perfectly prepared car”, so Carrie Schreiner’s positive summary of the weekend.