NLS 8: Another top result for Carrie Schreiner and Peter Terting at the end of the season

In her last race of the year, the 24-year-old from Saarland and her partner Peter Terting achieved the second 4th overall place in the Nürburgring Endurance Series in a row. Like two weeks before, there was typical Eifel weather in the qualifying on Saturday early in the morning. Towards the end, the 25-kilometre track became drier and drier, but this time they used the wrong tyres and therefore only finished on position 17.

At the start of the race it was just the other way round, Peter Terting went out on slicks on a track that was almost completely dry by now and was spot on with that. He drove the AMG Mercedes GT3 in his one-hour stint to P6! Carrie took over for the second hour, got straight into the race and was even able to overtake an opponent in front of her and handed over to her team mate again for the third hour, lying in P5.

He steadily increased the gap to the cars behind. Unfortunately, there was a problem at the last pit stop and they lost some time. Carrie, however, came back onto the track lying on P5. In her second stint, the fast racing amazon could improve her lap times even more and caught up strongly in the last laps. But the gap was too big to gain another position. However, due to a time penalty for the originally third-placed driver, they ended up in a strong fourth place overall.

Thus, Carrie Schreiner was of course very satisfied after the race. "That was our best race on the Nordschleife so far. Peter showed again that he is still one of the fastest drivers on the Nordschleife. Unfortunately, I didn't have a single lap without a code 60 in my two stints! But on my very last race lap, I still managed a theoretical 8.05 with code 60 in the fourth sector. Next year I want to fulfil my big dream of being the first woman to break the 8-minute sound barrier. With P4 twice and P6 once in 5 races, we are the best placed Mercedes AMG GT3 in the series this year. In the highly esteemed "NLS-Speed-Trophy" we are on P5. Thanks to "Schnitzelalm Racing" around team boss Günter Aberer for the always fast and well prepared car.

There will be many interesting discussions in the next few weeks and I'm curious to see where the journey will take me next year."